Aero-Tow, LLC
Terry L Railing
1016 Mulberry Street
Lake Mills, WI 53551
Terry has over 50 years of experience in machining and aviation.  He is a tool & die model
maker as well as a certified locksmith.  He was one of the original owners of Chapter 2, a
machine shop that produced the
Gettelman Lug-Bug. Terry also owned and operated a True
Value Hardware store for several years before he started

Kathy has been a farmer, accountant, and computer operations specialist. Retiring in 2014
from her job as an AS400/CNC System Administrator (where CNC refers to Computer Network
Configuration), she now helps at
Aero-Tow as a CNC machine operator (where CNC refers to
Computer Numerical Control).  Kathy has always been responsibile for
bookkeeping and advertising.

Kathy and Terry are both licensed private pilots.
Tinker December 2003 - April 2017
Tinker was the bestest little dog in the world.  
She loved going to the shop every day with
Terry. Didn't matter where we went, along as
she got to go along. She enjoyed camping,
flying, 4 wheeling, and Sunday drives for ice
cream. She was our good will ambassador at
trade shows, sitting in her buggy charming all
the people. After a last trip to Florida for Sun n
Fun, Tinker died in our arms on April 11, 2017.
Rest in peace sweet girl.
Aero-Tow, 1016 Mulberry Street, Lake Mills, Wisconsin