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Is it the charger or the batteries?

Remove the battery box covers.  DO NOT

Locate an automotive type 12 volt charger,
that can charge between 6 and 10 amps.  
(NOT a smart charger)  

Connect this charger to only ONE battery at a
time and charge each battery with this
charger for about one hour.

If the machine works normal and holds a
charge, you have a charger problem.  Please
call Terry for assistance.

If the batteries go down fast, replace the

****Before removing any wires, make a
sketch on the location of the wires.****
E-200             24 Volt  (two 12 volt batteries)
Lil Sherman  24 Volt  (two 12 volt batteries)

You have two options the batteries that came
with the machine can be gotten from any
place that services the handicap scooters
and wheel chairs.  Expect to pay around

Second option is to go to Walmart (or other
discount store) and purchase two garden
tractor batteries that measure 5 x 8 x 6.5
inches tall.  Do not worry about the amps.  
The size is important.  These will cost from
$18.00 to $22.00 each.

Caution should be taken of the location of the
+ (positive) and - (negative) terminals
BEFORE disconnecting the batteries.  They
may be reversed.  The red wire going to the
positive post on the speed control is

GetJet E1800  (two group 27 batteries)
E200 12 volt  (one group 27 battery)

You have the same two options as above.  
The same replacements will cost around
$225.00 each.  As above, go to a Walmart (or
other discount store) and get two automotive
12 volt batteries for around $36.00 each.

Remember you can  leave the chargers
plugged in whenever the machine is not in
For more information call Terry at 920-648-8114 or send an email to