Aero-Tow's Lil Sherman is an aircraft mover designed to allow one person to easily move a single or
twin engine aircraft.  Adaptors are available for a wide range of aircrafts and can be attached to either the
nose wheel or tail wheel.   The
Lil Sherman also has adaptors that enable attachment to aircraft with
wheel fairings.

The swivel front frame compensates for forward cantor of nose wheel of aircraft while turning.  This keeps
the wheels of the tug on the ground for better traction, and protects the nose gear from damage.  [Please
note:  The
Lil Sherman is a powered towbar.  Turning the aircraft is similar to turning an aircraft with a
regular towbar - the nose gear (or tail wheel) is the pivot point and the turn is made by moving the towbar
left or right.  With a powered towbar this means lifting the towbar slightly and sliding the wheels of the
towbar left or right. ]

Lil Sherman is powered by a 3 HP 24 volt electric drivetrain.  This gives it the power to move aircraft up
to a maximum of 6,000 pounds.  The unit comes complete with 2 - 12 volt sealed batteries and an
automatic battery charger.  It also has lights that allow for illumination under the aircraft.

Shipping:  The Lil Sherman is shipped by common carrier in a single container.  The shipping weight of
the unit is in excess of 300#.  The receiver must be prepared to accept delivery from a semi-trailer.

Assembly:  One bolt!  
Aero-Tow's Lil Sherman

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